October 4, 2016: THE RAVEN video, featuring original artwork, is now viewable on youtube. Click here  to watch. 

You can see the original artwork and hear the instrumental version of THE RAVEN (minus the voiceover) here. 

THE RAVEN - Words by Edgar Allan Poe; music by John Imholz

Dedicated to the memory of William "Bill" Bennett (1956-2013) - Exceptional musician, friend, and colleague.

Artwork by Sharon Constant

Artwork by Sharon Constant

THE RAVEN was written in February (2014) and recorded between September 19 and December 9, 2014. This piece features the eerie and evocative poetry of Edgar Allan Poe, accompanied by original music performed by Nadya Tichman (violin), Dana Bauer (oboe), Barbara Chaffe (flute), Pat Klobas (acoustic bass), Marc Shapiro (harpsichord), Rob Weir (bassoon), Emily Onderdonk (viola), and John Imholz (guitar and voiceover). There are two versions: one with the poem being read; the other version is all instrumental. 

"Concerning John Imholz's musical treatment of Edgar Allan Poe's THE RAVEN (2014): The soundscape, during verses 15 and 16 of this piece, vividly and engagingly capture the mood of the Narrator's deteriorating mental state!"

Dr. Michael Wachter, MD (Board Certified psychiatrist)


Listen here:

The instrumental version of The Raven  can be purchased below: