The Area in Question - 19th St. BART Station


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This is the 19th St. BART station and its surrounding area.

This map indicates the red and yellow zones in the area. Notice that there is not a lot of space for regular parking (curbs indicated in gray): there are only 40 spaces total (not counting yellow zones, which are for commercial parking).

This chart shows all the available parking spaces in the area (Yellow, blue, white, and regular vehicle parking). Please note that the 1 white zone listed is in front of the Paramount Theater --  a  .2 mile / 5 minute walk from the BART station, according to Google Maps / Directions.

How often are the red bus zones actually in use during a given time period? Click HERE to see the situation on Broadway between 19th St. and Thomas L. Berkely Way. This is empirical data; I sat in my vehicle at this location from 7:40 AM until 8:40 AM on Tuesday, Feb. 23, 2016, and recorded the arrival and departure times of each bus that came by. 

Please note that the times indicated show how long 1 (one) bus occupies a stretch of red curb; the typical AC Transit bus is 45 feet long; the articulated buses are 60 feet long. There is lots of vacant curb space available during any given hour, even if several buses show up at once. That length of Broadway has only 9 vehicle parking spots (including yellow zones); the rest of the block is all red curb.

And in conclusion: this is what we propose to improve the situation.