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This series of documents will be submitted to the city officials listed below within the next few weeks. My goal (shared by many of my Oakland neighbors) is to improve the passenger pickup / dropoff zone options at the 19th St. BART station. Currently there are no white zones for passenger loading at 19th St BART.

Statement of the Problem

No Designated passenger Pickup / Dropoff zones in the vicinity of the 19th St. BART Station


Libby Schaff, Mayor of Oakland

Annie Campbell Washington, Oakland City Council

Brooke A. Levin, Director; Oakland Department of Public Works

Michael Neary, Assistant Director; Oakland Department of Public Works


Please be careful when picking up or dropping off passengers at the 19th St. BART station. There are no designated dropoff (white) zones anywhere near the station, parking is very limited, and no-parking / red zones prevail. The Alameda County Sheriff's Department (which handles security for AC Transit) has officers on hand to give parking violators a $260 ticket for a red zone violation (however momentary). The officers don't always pull up behind you and give you the citation; they note your license number, look you up in their database, and mail you the ticket. 


I do not advocate stopping in red zones, bus zones or any other prohibited areas; these zones have specific, intended functions. However, it is absurd that there are NO passenger dropoff zones, nor any reasonable alternatives within several blocks of the 19th St. BART station. The way to encourage the use of public transportation is to make it accessible, functional, and user-friendly. The current state of affairs, which resembles a classic speed trap / revenue generating scam far more than it resembles a public service, needs to be changed for the benefit of Oakland and its residents. 


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